Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza


14 inch Pizza

Topped with Tempesta Salumi Pepperoni

Ready to bake, instructions included

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Looking for the high quality standard that you have come to trust from the Fiasche family and Tempesta Market?

We have partnered with Pizza Bella to produce this fantastic 14 inch pizza, topped with what else but our world famous, all-pork pepperoni.

Why is our pepperoni special? Traditional American pepperoni is produced fast, using b.c. a cooking process no self respecting salumiere would hold in high regard. Then commodity producers pack it with fillers, and the parts the use of the poor confined animals they source… you don’t want to know!

We go off script by using market cuts of high quality pork, developing flavor over time, just like a nice sopressata, through long aging. Don’t compromise on your pie, or as we say in Chicago, ‘Za, and be choosy about your pizza!

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Dimensions 14 × 14 × .75 in


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