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‘Nduja (Spicy Spreadable Salami)


This is our signature product after which ‘Nduja Artisans was named.
It is a spicy, spreadable salami originating from Calabria. Pork, peppers, and sea salt…
Delicious simplicity.

Sold As: 3 Seperate Individually Wrapped 6 oz. Packages of ‘Nduja Spreadable.

The most famous and versatile Calabrian salami.

‘Nduja Black Label Iberico de Bellota


This Special edition is made with the luscious fat from  Spanish Acorn-fed Iberico de Bellota hogs. Approx 12 oz. of product So 2 each retail chubs per order. **sausages not included

Cremosa Tartufata – Spreadable Truffle Salami


This unique recipe is our version of the spreadable salami from Umbria known as ciascolo. Umbria is known for producing black truffles, which we adds depth to this rich salame. Eat on crostoni, or mix into some fresh pasta for a simple, yet luxurious dish!

order consists of two – 4.5oz chubs

‘Nduja in Orba (Traditional Casing)


Our staple ‘Nduja recipe stuffed into a traditional “Orba” casing, and aged for a minimum of 4 months before packaging.

Approx 3 to 4 lbs

Sobrasada (Uncured Spreadable Spanish Style Salami)


Our Sobrasada is inspired from the famed Mollorcan islands spreadable sausage. It is seasoned with a blend of Pimentóns and garlic, and aged for 6-9 weeks. Sold by the piece weighing no less than 1.25# per piece.