Hot Capicola (Cooked, Spicy Pork Collar)

Hot Capicola (Cooked, Spicy Pork Collar)


Our Cooked Hot Capicola is made from the same cut as “Coppa”, and is first brined in a flavorful, aromatic liquid for a few days. From there we proportionally dry-rub hot Calabrian Peppers on the outside of the muscle, and then encase the muscle in a net for cooking. The Capicola is slow-roasted to keep it supple and juicy. A popular, must-have deli meat for any delicatessen.

Sold by the piece weighing an average of 1.50-2.50 lbs per piece.

Our animals are never given antibiotics, no growth promotants or hormones, and always vegetarian-fed.

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Capicola is made from the collar muscle (shoulder area) and shaped into a casing for even cooking, and uniform slices. Ours has incredibly deep pork flavor for a few reasons: We use family farm raised pork, so the animal has an opportunity to use its muscles which adds flavor to the meat. We use heritage breed pork that have the unique characteristics of driving flavor deep into each muscle via interlaced intramuscular fat. This gives our capicola marbling that exceeds commodity produced capicola. Lastly, our pigs have a varied diet, which creates a softer fat which melts at lower temperatures, releasing the flavor of pork and complementary herbs and spices to your palate more readily.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
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